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We provide Experiential Event & Education and Experiential Tour for private and public educational institutions.

VIJIT – Winning Ahead

Experiential Education in Schools

Anubhuti – Annual calendar of 4 outdoor experiential activities days for grades 4-12, suitable for 1000-5000 students

Mujhme Hai Dum– Action packed one day with multiple outdoor experiential activities, suitable for <750 students.

Experiential Trips

Anubhav – 2N/3D or 3N/4D trips to resorts, hills, river camps or desserts; filled with adventure activities

Gyan Kutir – 2N/3D or 3N/4D trips to wilderness or natural habitat; filled with SUPW, life-skills learning activities

Experiential events in Schools

Sports Day – Out-source sports day organisation to professionals; track & field events, adventure sports, fun sports.

Learning Day – Organise a life-skills day for parents, students and teachers; experiential activities, fun sports.

The Great Adventure Kids.

The Great Adventure Kids offer one-of-a-kind experience to truly enjoy adventure within the school. Our innovative activities and program provides an action packed, fun-filled day for the children. These activities are challenging and best suited for all age group children, We create zones which are age appropriate (Elementary, Middle, and Senior School Children).

How does the day adventure work for everyone?

We create some of the most amazing obstacles you have either heard of or seen in international events. The obstacles are one of its kind and we take pride in the fact that these are the very first obstacles in the country.


  Alligator Walk

  Balance Beams


  Hop Ho

  Tee Pee Shuffle


  Port Hole

  Tyre Traverse

  Crawl Net

  Commando Net

  Leap of faith

  Tyre Wall