Offsite / Outbound Training

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Learning from experience is a powerful methodology. More and more organizations are adopting Experiential Learning to address the Training needs of its workforce. Experiencing, Sharing, Analyzing, Reflecting and correlating the learning’s for application at the workplace is what makes experiential learning the most effective medium to develop individuals and Teams at the workplace.

Outbound Training is based on experiential learning model and includes group activities where participants go through challenges and obstacles and have to work together to overcome them. Each outbound activity has a structured approach to bring out specific learnings and connect it back to the real life work areas. Outbound training lets the individuals and groups discover their latent talent and strengths in a safe, secure and supportive learning atmosphere.

We conducts outbound training program using the principles of experiential education for Corporates, Institutions and Schools. The programs are hands on, engaging, fun, exciting and use adult learning methodology for Corporates and reflective pedagogy for schools.

At Dreams Maker we follow recognized and established training practices and have a strong commitment to values, ethics and excellence in training.

Safety is always a priority for us and we follow international standard safety practices with certified and experienced instructors, certified and good quality equipment in maintaining safety in all our training events.